Liturgy 32.3: Pilgrimage

This issue was guest-edited by Troy Messanger. Troy Messenger is Director and Visiting Assistant Professor of Worship at Union Theological Seminary.

Here is an excerpt from Messenger's introduction:

Holy places draw us irresistibly toward encounter and transformation. In a time when digital interactions on social media extend and increasingly dominate our experience of people and place, the powerfully sacred act of putting feet on rocky path, one step after another, side-by-side with others, until we put our fingers on the holy, is irreplaceable. The human pace of walking, the physicality of touching, and the surprise of place and people convey the divine in immediate, visceral ways. The body learns through interaction with place. And by going, we enter the stories of pilgrims of many times and places with whom we make our sacred journeys.

[The writers of this issue] remind us that we are pilgrims with journeys still to make. In the walking, in the seeking, in the encounter with others in places and spaces that matter, we discover something about ourselves and the Divine.

Blessings for the journey.

David Turnbloom